2015 Arnold Classic Pickleball Tournament – Toledo Pickleball

The first annual Arnold Classic Pickleball Tournament was held earlier this month at the BuckeyeToledo Pickleball Logo Building in the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, OH. Several Toledo Pickleball Club players participated and took home medals at this inaugural event. The venue was a little darker than what we are used to and the ball was a different, heavier indoor ball than we normally use. (And no, the real Arnold Schwarzenegger did not come and watch us play‚Ķ ūüôā

In the top women’s doubles division, Marsha Koch and Jessica LeMire won gold medals by winning all of their matches without losing a game. They defeated the team of Laura Fenton-Kovanda & Jodi Elliott (11-7, 11-7) in the finals. In the 3.5 women’s doubles, Betsy Kenniston & Liz Sepeda took home the silver medals after a very, very close loss (9-11, 6-11, 16-14) in the finals to the gold medalists, Lynn Dickerson & Denise Fulgham. Susan DeAngelis and Carol Martin also played in this division and narrowly lost (16-14) their consolation match to the eventual bronze medalists, Brenda Young & Linda Heimann.

In the Mixed Doubles 5.0 division, Jess teamed up with Rafael Siebenschein to take the gold medals, by defeating the husband/wife team of Jodi Elliott & Robert Elliott (11-9, 11-7, 15-12) in the finals after fighting their way back through three consolation bracket victories. Marsha teamed with Josh Grubbs to take home the bronze medals. In the Mixed Doubles 4.5 division, Susan Wiartalla & Daniel O’Toole took home the gold medals without losing a match. They defeated the team of Marie Eatough & Brian Murphy in the finals (11-4, 5-11, 11-6). Gary Ball teamed up with Gale Bagwell to win the bronze medals.

In the 4.5 men’s doubles, Charlie McKnight and Dave Kovanda teamed together for the first time and took home the silver medals. They lost to the gold medalists, Daniel O’Toole & Glenn Geda in the finals (5-11, 11-0, 11-8). Gary also teamed with Joe Valenti in the 5.0 men’s doubles division.
2015 Arnold Classic Pickleball Tournament Results for Toledo Pickleball Club Players

Mens Doubles Skill Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Men‚Äôs Doubles Skill Groups 4.5 Daniel¬†OToole¬†–¬† Glenn¬†Geda Dave¬†Kovanda¬†–¬† Charlie¬†McKnight Brian¬†Murphy¬†–¬† Mike¬†Murphy
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 4.5 Susan¬†Wiartalla¬†–¬† Daniel¬†OToole Marie¬†Eatough¬†–¬† Brian¬†Murphy Gale¬†Bagwell¬†–¬† Gary¬†Ball
Mixed Doubles Skill Groups 5.0 Jessica¬†LeMire¬†–¬† Rafael¬†Siebenschein Jodi¬†Elliott¬†–¬† Robert¬†Elliott Marsha¬†Koch¬†–¬† Josh¬†Grubbs
Womens Doubles Skill Groups
Bracket Gold Silver Bronze
Women‚Äôs Doubles Skill Groups 3.5 Lynn¬†Dickerson¬†–¬† Denise¬†Fulgham Betsy¬†Kenniston¬†–¬†Liz¬†Sepeda¬† Brenda¬†Young¬†–¬† Linda¬†Heimann
Women‚Äôs Doubles Skill Groups 5.0,4.5,4.0 Marsha¬†Koch¬†–¬† Jessica¬†LeMire¬† Laura¬†Fenton¬†–¬† Jodi¬†Elliott Susan¬†Schneider¬†–¬† Shonda¬†Schallenberger