Belmont Country Club Pickleball Demo Saturday, March 28, 2015

Belmont Pickleball Demo Attendees

Fun group of Belmont and Toledo Pickleball players!

A good crowd of approximately sixteen people attended the first Belmont Country Club Pickleball Demo this Saturday morning. Ron and Peg Hanna organized a group of tennis players who had just started playing pickleball and Connie Mierzejewski set up the demo with them. Marsha Koch ran the demo, as she, Connie, Jess LeMire and Charlie McKnight played a few points for the group and then mixed in the new pickleball players.Two tennis courts were used and marked off with the pickleball lines, plus the nets were lowered a couple of inches to pickleball height. By the end of our session, there were lots of smiles and a little yelling and teasing going on, as the Belmont players had some very spirited games. They plan to have regular playing times for those that want to play (and try) pickleball at Belmont from now on. A few of the players may even visit the Rossford courts when the weather warms up (hurry up please).

Jess and Ron Hanna

Jessica LeMire and Ron Hanna

Ron and Peg provided a healthy snack and dessert for all of the players and the Rossford demo crew, plus the Belmont group made a nice monetary donation to the Toledo Pickleball Club. It is safe to say that everyone had a good time and it was very cool to see the seeds of more pickleball growth locally. Job well done all!!!





Toledo Pickleball Teams Up With the Mayor of Holland

We were happy to meet Holland Mayor Mike Yunker this past winter at Rossford Rec. and learn that he and his wife Annie share our enthusiasm for pickleball.  We never dreamed, however, that roughly six months later we would be attending his ceremony dedicating three brand new shaded pickleball courts located in the neatly manicured, attractive Strawberry Acres park that offers many other amenities.  (Yep, we’re pretty excited about those lovely bathroom facilities.)  Mayor Yunker sought the advice of Toledo Pickleball Club ambassadors Marsha Koch and Connie Mierzejewski as well as Al Hager regarding court construction and all other issues related to the start-up of an open pickleball program.  The

Barb Hager, Mayor Mike Yunker, Marsha Koch, Al Hager

Barb Hager, Mayor Mike Yunker, Marsha Koch, Al Hager

success of that collaboration was clearly evident on Saturday when newcomers to the sport joined Toledo Pickleball Club members and players to celebrate the completion of the courts.

Following a few short speeches and a ribbon-cutting, Toledo Pickleball members gave a quick demonstration of an abbreviated game.  Then the new players hit the courts using the balls and composite paddles that Mayor Yunker purchased for Holland residents to try out while they learn about the sport.  The number of Toledo Pickleball players in attendance matched up well with the number of newcomers–we not only provided instruction and encouragement, we retrieved balls for them so they could use their energy to get the feel of the game and absorb the rules.
The courts are open to the public seven days a week and rules for usage/wait times are clearly posted.  The mayor plans to offer two morning sessions–probably from 9:00 until noon, Tuesdays and Thursdays–for players aged 50 and over to learn and practice the game.  We will post the schedule when he firms up his plans.  In the meantime, stop by and try out the courts.  We know this location is excellent for many of our players and are hopeful that some of the new Holland players join us in Rossford.
Mike & JoAnne Tressler at the Holland Courts Opening Ceremoies

Mike & JoAnne Tressler at the Holland Courts Opening Ceremoies

Once again, we thank the many Toledo Pickleball folks that generously gave their time to assist new players.  We were so pleased to have in attendance JoAnne and Mike Tressler, our original Toledo Pickleball ambassadors who brought the game to Toledo, so we could introduce them to new players and express our gratitude for their efforts–every Toledoan currently playing pickleball at any of the locations we advertise on our blog should be aware that these two people are responsible for bringing us together.

Helping the new players at the Holland courts opening ceremonies.

Helping the new players at the Holland courts opening ceremonies.

Late-breaking story:  The storm held off until our celebration was nearly complete.  Unfortunately, one of the shade trees was toppled and took out some fencing and the nice new bleachers.  At this point, we don’t think the court surface was damaged.  We are confident that the Mayor and his maintenance team will make any necessary repairs as quickly as possible–but there is some work to be done.  One court is completely untouched and playable.
Tree down at Holland courts after the storm.

Tree down at Holland courts after the storm.

Toledo Pickleball 2nd Annual Cookout – Sunday, August 4, 2013 @ 12 Noon

We’re having a party and you’re invited!  Toledo Pickleball is having our second annual cookout, which we run like a potluck for teetotalers–there will be no alcohol as our courts are still owned by the Rossford Board of Education.

Where: Rossford Pickleball Courts, 313 Glenwood Avenue, Rossford OH

When: Sunday, August 4, 2013

Time: Noon

What to bring:  Please bring your non-alcoholic beverages, a side dish or dessert to pass, and a few paper plates and napkins.  Toledo Pickleball will be providing hot dogs, buns, and condiments. Also, please remember to bring a chair and whatever shade apparatus you need–our shelter is still in the planning stage.

After we eat and visit a bit, we’ll play some Pickleball!

We’re looking forward to having everyone together and then playing until the last foursome quits or it’s just too dark.  And we’re hoping that some of the people we’ve been missing will show up.

All attendees should feel free to bring a friend to introduce them to this great game.

See you on the courts!



SAVE THE DATE: Holland Pickleball Courts Grand Opening – Saturday, July 27, 2013

Come and join us for the grand opening of the Pickleball Courts in the Village of Holland.  Mayor Mike Yunker, in coordination with Courtsmiths, has built a beautiful three-court facility in Strawberry Acres Park located at 1035 Clarion Ave. Holland, Oh 43528. The festivities will begin Saturday, July 27 at 10:00 am.  If you would like to invite a friend please forward on this flyer: Village of Holland Pickleball Courts Grand Opening

Players from our Toledo Pickleball Club will be on hand to instruct and demonstrate the game.  We will also have paddles and balls on sale for those who might be interested. I am excited about this great opportunity for our club to grow the sport of Pickleball in the Greater Toledo Area.  We are grateful to Mike and his leadership in this project and look forward to the addition of many new players.

See you on the court!



Toledo Pickleball Logo Apparel Order

It’s that time of the year again where our club will be putting together an order for Toledo Pickleball Logo Wear.  This is one of the ways that we raise money for the maintenance of our courts.  TPB_logo_navyGreen2

Rather than our club trying to find items that will work for everyone, we ask each person interested to bring their own item. Please bring the item of your choice (shirt, hat, visor, bag ) to the courts during any open play time and give it to me or Connie.  It is very helpful if you mark your item with your name and where you would like the logo.  I would like to have everyone’s item no later than Sunday, June 16.  The cost for the embroidered logo per item is $10.  The logo colors are green & navy so please bring items that work with those colors.  Orders generally take two weeks to complete and we will bring the items back to open play times to hand out.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

See you on the courts!


Toledo Pickleball Logo


Thanks for Helping – Rossford Gym Class Pickleball 2013

Many thanks to Connie Mierjewski and Jim Barnhart for leading the effort to instruct Rossford High School students on the Rossford Gym Classes 2013rules of Pickleball.  Connie and Jim handled four classes on their own on Thursday.  On Friday, Susan DeAngelis, Diane Pacella, Bob Lineen, and Sandy Kushma joined the fun, and volunteers were treated to lunch at Moe’s.
All the kids were happy to be outside and wonderful to work with–it’s great that they now understand exactly what is going on in their neighborhood on their school’s former tennis courts.
The best part of Friday was seeing Rossford High student Johnny Pupik, son of Susan DeAngelis, play well and enthusiastically.  His game really developed over a short time–he attended some of our winter sessions at Rossford Rec.  We hope to see you at the courts this summer, Johnny.  Remember, kids under 18 play free, so tell your friends.
Sandy Kushma reporting

Help Needed – Whitmer High School Physical Education Pickleball Introduction

Hi Everyone,
I have been contacted by Jamie Clay, High School PE teacher at Whitmer High School, wanting to see if we would be able to come in and work with his kids to introduce pickleball. They will be starting this week and he would like us to come in for the following classes.
We can do it all in one day or do two days, depending on who can do what on Thursday and /or Friday this week.
8-9 am; 9:30-10:30 am; 11 am to Noon; 1:15-2:15 pm. An ideal number would be 8 volunteers, which would allow us to have one person help with each court.
Please let me know asap if you can help me with any of these times. Please call me on my cell at 419-509-3023 or email at
Much appreciated,

Help Promote Pickleball in the Local Toledo and Surrounding Area

Hi Everyone,

I trust that everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving break with family and friends.

I was thinking over the holiday, and the thought came to me that we have had some success this year in finding local indoor and more outdoor places to play Pickleball.  We are also pursuing a grant in conjunction with Bowling Green State University and the Wood County Committe on Aging that we hope will allow us to convert the two outdoor tennis courts in Rossford to 6 dedicated Pickleball Courts! I get excited even thinking about it!! With more places to play and the potential of even more courts to come, the next step is getting new players, which is the purpose of my post. 

Our West Y Fall II Session was very successful as we maxed out both morning and afternoon play times.  Our Perrysburg Y session, being held at Hope Church in Whitehouse, also saw success with the Tuesday evening class being maxed out.  We have also seen some recent growth in Rossford at the Rec in partnership with the Wood County Committee on Aging. January and February will be exciting as well, with the drop in times at Tam-O-Shanter!

I wanted to send out a post to all my blog subscribers and everyone on Connie’s email list to ask you to consider posting this flyer in some of your local churches, places of employment and other local places that you might be aware of.  Although the flyer is helpful, please remember that the best way to grow our numbers is by word of mouth and the personal invite of friends, family, co-workers etc.  

I always love to hear the stories of our players and how they found out about Pickleball.  One of my favorites is Louie’s story.  For those of you who don’t know Louie’s story, here are the cliff notes.  At the time, Louie was working in the deli at the Sylvania Anderson’s market and Karen Warren came in to buy groceries. She started a conversation with Louie and he noticed that she looked like she had just finished working out, so he asked her what she had been doing. She told him she just got done “playing Pickleball”.  Louie had never heard of the game, so she shared a brief overview with him and invited him to come and check it out at Tam-O. As some of you know, Louie decided to come and check it out  and we are all glad he did. Louie is a great player and we miss him now that he is working a new job and was not able to sign up for any of the indoor sessions. Louie, if you are reading this, we hope you will be able to join us at the Winter I Sunday Sessions at the West Y coming up in January!

The other way to help grow this sport is through free introductory lessons and clinics. It is my hope to provide this opportunity in the summer at the Rossford Courts.

Please join Connie and me, in growing the excitement about this great sport! Please consider hanging this flyer anywhere you think would be beneficial and also PLEASE consider extending a personal invite to the folks you come in contact with, I would love to hear the stories that will be the result of your efforts! 

Here is a link to the flyer Pickleball Rocks Flyer

Thanks to everyone in advance!