Toledo Pickleball – Mark Monroe Reporting for the Toledo Blade

A big thank you goes out  this week to Mark Monroe of the Toledo Blade!  Mark did an outstanding  job on his article about our club.  In case you missed it here are links to the Toledo Blade Article and Photo Gallery.

BCSN will be out to cover two hours of our Wednesday night ladder on August 21 from 6-8pm and also for our tournament play on Sunday, August 24th.  Come out and join us!


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Toledo Pickleball Active Player Roster

We now have over 90 players on our active Toledo Pickleball Roster!  Many of you are on and are receiving the Toledo Pickleball Roster that was just updated and sent out yesterday. Some of you on this blog may not be though. If you would like to receive a copy of the roster and/or be on it, please contact Charlie McKnight via email at

Thanks to Charlie for managing the daunting task of keeping up with all the email and phone number updates!


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Toledo Pickleball – Loss of a Friend and Fellow Player Don McKivett

Our hearts are saddened with the loss of our friend and fellow player, Don McKivett.  He was affectionately known as “Yoga” Don because of his very “flexible” Pickleball hitting style.  He was such a fun player and a great addition to our group.  Our deepest condolences go out to Nancy Plath, who was Don’s significant other and fellow Toledo Pickleball player. Here is the link to Don’s full Obituary – Marsha TPB_logo_navyGreen2

“Follow” Toledo Pickleball on Twitter

Now you can follow all the events and fun of  Toledo Pickleball on Twitter @TolPickleball.  Take time to “follow” us today 🙂

For the next open play think about someone you can invite to come and join the fun!

See you on the courts!


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Pickleball Research Study – Please take a minute to fill this out.

Hi Everyone,

This article was published in the most recent USAPA Newsletter. The USAPA is asking that Pickleball players everywhere participate in a brief survey. Please consider filling this out, it only takes 15 minutes or less.  These results are very helpful for the USAPA in regards to focus and marketing efforts.  The USAPA is working diligently to grow this great sport both nationally and internationally. Also, if you are not already, please consider becoming a member of the USAPA, it would be a nice Christmas gift to give or to ask for!!!  You might be asking yourself which Region has the most significant number of members, Ambassadors and venues?  One first thinks of the states of Arizona, Florida or Washington.  Nope!  The Great Lakes Region, primarily Michigan, is home to 517 USAPA members, 123 Ambassadors and 329 courts!  We can’t let Michigan beat out OHIO!!!  Here is a link if you are interested in becoming a USAPA member

Article regarding the survey and link below!

Pickleball Research Study

By Bill Booth, USAPA President

Thank you! More than 2100 of you have already completed the pickleball research survey. We truly appreciate your collaboration in this project.

If you have not yet been able to participate, you still can. Simply click on this link. It takes about 15 minutes.

The Results: We’re learning a great deal from the survey responses about your motivation for participating in pickleball, your competitive behavior, and your views of pickleball. Once the survey is finished and we have analyzed the results, we will be sharing the findings with you. We will also publish our response to many of the comments and suggestions.

We are grateful to CUNEF University and Dr. Michael Hess, professor of sport marketing and management, for designing and sponsoring the survey at no cost to the USAPA.

Hartland Halloween Pickleball Trick-A-Tournament, Hartland MI

Hello All,

Results are in from the Pickleball Trick-A-Tournament, Oct 22 & 23 2010 in Hartland MI . I am proud  to report that our very own JoAnne Tressler brought home three medals!  She and her partner Dick Manasseri brought home Silver in the 65+ Mixed Doubles.  JoAnne and her partner Nancy Fritch brought home  Gold in 60+ Women’s Doubles as well as Bronze in the 19+ Women’s Doubles.

Great job JoAnne and thank you for representing Toledo Pickleball so well in the regional and national tournaments.  You are a great player and we are fortunate to have someone of your skill level in our group.

I really like to post tournament results on the blog, so please if any of you enter any tournaments please let me know so I can share your results with the rest of the group!

A Note from JoAnne & Mike Tressler

JoAnne has asked me to please post this message. I believe some of you had received this, but she also has found that some did not.  Message from JoAnne and Mike………………….

Hello everyone,

Mike and I are back and are looking forward to seeing everyone. (I did catch a few last week and was able to say good bye to Al & Barb.)
I wanted all to know how excited we are that Connie and Marsha have taken the reins and are going at galloping speed. Mike and I appreciate so much, the both of them to take on the Ambassador positions that we had asked for, for quite awhile..
Mike and I were happy to plant the seeds here in Toledo and the grass roots seemed to take awhile but we had it rolling in June with positive results. Now Marsha and Connie are watering and fertilizing the growth and doing a completely fantastic job in spite of the downside of not returning to Tam-O Shanter as yet. The Rossford site was a Godsend thanks to Connie. Marsha has related so many ideas that Toledo is going to be on its way!  
Thank you so much Marsha and Connie from Mike and I. We will be a help when we can but really appreciate not having to worry about it. You both have new energy, ideas, computer skills etc. which will help to expand the times and places to play.
Hope all are having a wonderful labor day weekend.
As Always,
JoAnne Tressler
We apologize if some of you have received this twice. ( And I have seen so many of you since. but not all received it.)

New Toledo Ohio Pickleball Ambassadors

A big thank you goes out to Mike and JoAnne Tressler for all of their hard work bringing Pickleball to Toledo. Two years ago they had the vision and made the effort to teach and create a buzz around Pickleball. They have decided to step down from their duties as Ambassadors this past August and hand the baton to Co-Ambassadors Marsha Koch and Connie Mierzejewski.  Marsha and Connie are committed to continuing the growth of both the sport and finding new places to play in the surrounding areas. We will only be as good as the entire group working together. We welcome all ideas!!!