The 2014 Toledo Pickleball Glass City Invitational

The Toledo Pickleball Club (TPC) hosted its first tournament over the August 23rd-24th weekend. Thirty doubles teams and 5 singles players participated and despite the hot and humid conditions, the attendance by pickleball fans was good. BCSN filmed a few of our matches on both days and they still have them available for those who subscribe to their Video-On-Demand programming. We anticipated a few players might balk at appearing on camera (particularly the two in the witness protection program), but we couldn’t have been more wrong–who knew there were so many “hams” in our group?

We now have permanent, televised proof that our “little tournament that could” actually did. All went well and we have some excellent, homegrown pickleball to view.  For example, in a Men’s 4.5 match, the team of Larry Vanderroest and Tom MacRitchie, (who won the division) had a thrilling comeback over the team of Rodney Grubbs and Gary Ball (who finished second in the division), with a final score of 21-20 (round-robin format). And the new-to-us the HaslupsMarilyn and Courtney–a mother/daughter team from Ft. Wayne were fun to watch, as they won the Women’s 4.0 division. Young Courtney employs an unconventional ambidextrous style and switches her paddle from hand to hand constantly.

Off-camera, the team of Don Greenburg and Ernie Corpening took on Jerry Kepus and John Chapman in the Men’s 3.0 gold medal match. The teams were well matched and incredibly good-natured. Greenburg and Corpening avenged their earlier loss by winning a tough (and very close) three game match, to force a tie-breaker game to decide the match. In that final game to 15, Don’s serve grooved in during the last several points to help his team pull out this well-deserved victory–just call him Ace.

In the Women’s 3.5 doubles, the team Susan DeAngelis and Betsy Kenniston and the twin sister team of Joan Fisher and Jane Kuta had both won their previous three matches to set up the final round robin match of the undefeated teams. In a hard fought, closely contested match, which saw long rallies and momentum swings back and forth, DeAngelis and Kenniston finally prevailed 21-18 in the end to capture the gold.

There were many other tight matches and great points played. Every player that participated is a champion in their own way just for taking the challenge of putting it all on the line and giving it their best effort. We were proud to host you all, whether you hailed from the local area or from a far.

In addition to the participating tournament players, we are so grateful to ALL of the volunteers who put in so much time and effort to make this event work. In particular, Jim Barnhart was responsible for taking care of the grounds. (Who did not notice how all the weeds around the courts were removed or how nice the mulch around the new concrete pad looked?) Ernie Corpening was responsible for the tables, the chairs and the easels for the event (and he also donated the TPC wristbands and extra water to the tournament). Both Jim and Ernie were present from dawn to close both days, helping to perform the many tasks involved in the set up and tear down of the site.

We’d also like to thank Marsha Koch for making arrangements for BCSN to film matches for both days, for coordinating (and training) the referees for the matches that required them, for being our color commentator on Sunday, making the Pickleball Rocks apparel line available for sale and for running a very successful raffle on Saturday that included a paddle donated by Al Hager.

Sandy Kushma, under the guidance of USAPA Tournament Schedule, Results & Points liason, Marilyn Holladay, handled the court assignments and tourney results desk for the weekend. Diane Pacella, Angie Lineen, and Joan Fisher handled the operations desk and checked all the players in for the weekend. Tim Hacker provided and set up his own tent on Saturday and Mike Yunker provided us with tents for both days of the event. The Boilermakers Local 85, with help from their business manager Tim Timmons, provided us with extra parking in their lot and the parking signs. Terry McKnight was all over the place to help with the general set up and tear down both days. Judy and Norb Heban also assembled our gift bags for the sixty five players.

Included in those gift bags was a sample jar of Sweet Hots Pickles and Peppers donated by Tony Packo’s. Scott Radel, Packo’s VP of Operations and Human Resources, took the time to stop by our event on Sunday.

Tournament director Connie Mierzejewski and her loyal assistant Charlie “The Nudge” McKnight worked hard to prepare for the event and their planning was creative and thoughtful.  In lieu of medals, they decided to award winners with engraved, commemorative glasses from Libbey Glass, which the medalists appreciated for their usefulness. Many others contributed their time and efforts to make this event a reality and we certainly appreciate it very much.

All in all, it was a very good first event and it came off as well as it did only because of the great efforts of many of our own TPC people who came through when we needed them the most.

Mark you calendars for the 2nd Annual Toledo Pickleball Glass City Invitational which will be held July 24, 25, 26, 2015!

Listed below are the tournament results:

Toledo Pickleball Glass City Invitational Results

Men’s Doubles Skill Groups

Men’s 3.0
1st Ernie Corpening – Donnie Greenburg – (11-3, 9-11, 13-11, 15-5)
2nd John Chapman – Jerry Kepus – (15-9, 11-8)
3rd Rick Rowland – Michael Reno – (15-11)

Men’s 3.5
1st Anthony Rincon – Todd Marvin – (11-0, 11-4)
2nd Wayne Goodwin – George Naymik – (11-5, 11-8)
3rd Chris Kwiatkowski – Bob Lineen – (13-11, 6-11, 11-8)

Men’s 4.0
1st Em Leeworthy-Lionel Trebilcock – (3 W’s, 63 pts.)
2nd George Daley-Bill Hickey – (2 W’s, 49 pts.)
3rd Brian Yunker-Gary Berger – (1 W, 55 pts.)

Men’s 4.5
1st Larry Vanderroest-T Mac Mac Ritchie – (4 W’s, 84 pts.)
2nd Gary Ball-Rodney Grubbs – (3 W’s, 83 pts.)
3rd Charlie McKnight-Tim Hacker – (2 W’s, 64 pts.)

Men’s Singles
1st Charlie McKnight – (2 W’s, 42 pts.)
2nd George Daley – (1 W, 22 pts.)
3rd John Chapman – (11 pts.)


Women’s Doubles Skill Groups
Women’s 3.0
1st Connie Mierzejewski-Pat Pastorek – (21-15)
2nd Ann Miller-Linda King

Women’s 3.5
1st Susan DeAngelis-Betsy Kenniston – (4 W’s, 84 pts.)
2nd Joan Fisher-Jane Kuta – (3 W’s, 81 pts.)
3rd Jo Anne Tressler-Carol Martin – (2 W’s, 63 pts.)

Women’s 4.0
1st Marilyn Haslup-Courtney Haslup – (3 W’s, 63 pts.)
2nd Sarah White-Sue Hickey – (2 W’s, 55 pts.)
3rd Jan Dempster-Judy Bastian – (1 W’s, 50 pts.)

Women’s Singles
1st Sarah White – (11-6, 11-3)
2nd Jo Anne Tressler

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