Toledo Pickleball Featured on BCSN HD

Tonight was a special night for Toledo Pickleball!  The entire live crew from BCSN HD came out to film our Wednesday night ladder league.  BCSN’s Brad Woznicki was the play-by-play broadcaster and our very own Connie Mierzejewski was the “color commentator” filling in all of the “fine points” of the game.

The broadcast will air tonight at 11:30pm on HD channel 609.  If you miss the broadcast this evening it will re-run throughout the week and next week!

A big thank you to Brad and the entire crew for coming out and covering our sport.  They will be back to cover our tournament on August 24th!

Here are a few photos from this evening! Before we started taping, Connie was able to get the entire crew to give Pickleball a try!




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