2014 Super Bowl – Pickleball Commercial!!

A PICKLEBALL SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL!!!! As some of you may already know, there is a contest taking place right now for a small business to have a spot for a commercial during the 2014 Super Bowl-all it takes is a LOT of votes. Pickleball Central is in the running. Pickleball Central is family owned and operated. They are very generous to local tournaments, many of you that competed at the Royal Oak tournament received a nice orange back pack from them. Please read the message from Anna Copley from PC and vote for them. You can vote everyday and to win they will need us to do that! How cool would it be to have a Pickleball commercial during the Super Bowl!!!!


Thank you for your support in the SmallBusinessBigGame.com contest.

In order to succeed we need lots of Pickleball People to vote daily. We are confident we’ll make it to Round Two. Making it to Round Three will be a challenge but we think, with our passionate Pickleball community, we can win this. The winner gets featured in a professional commercial during the Super Bowl. 111 MILLION people watched the Super Bowl last year. Winning this contest puts pickleball in front of the world. We think this kind of exposure would take a big step forward in putting Pickleball courts in every town and every nation and eventually winning this contest will help out Pickleball in the Olympics.

Here’s a link to our entry in the contest https://www.smallbusinessbiggame.com/wa/PickleballCentralcom/383529

Please encourage people to sign up for the Daily Email Reminder email. After the contest people will not receive a daily email from us! It’s only while we’re still in the running that the daily email will go out. To sign up for the reminders, they just need to email me or call us and ask to be on the contact list.

Thank you again! This is so exciting!


Anna G. Copley
Co Founder and President
6918 S. 220th Street
Kent, WA 98032
(253) 854-0163
(888) 854-0163


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