Outdoor Play at Rossford – FREE Sundays For the Remainder of the Season

Great news!  In an effort to grow our numbers, we have decided that we will now offer FREE play on Sundays from 1-4 pm. 2013 Annual Cookout Please bring a friend with you to the courts to introduce them to Pickleball. We had such a great turnout for our 2nd Annual cookout and met so many new friends. We also introduced the game to several new players. It was exciting to see so many people at the courts and we would love to see them full again this Sunday.

See you on the courts!



4 thoughts on “Outdoor Play at Rossford – FREE Sundays For the Remainder of the Season

  1. Marsha…..you guys sure do know how to promote, looks  as you said, a great turnout for the 2nd annual.  can’t wait to see and play with you guys again……… Roger in Virginia


  2. Thanks Roger! Hope you can join us again before the close of the outdoor season.

  3. Marsha, Thanks for this notice.  We may bring some Carranor people Sunday.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to play with the ladies on Saturday.  Hopefully, it will work next Saturday. Mary

      Mary Clark


  4. Great Mary, I won’t be there Sunday so connect with Connie if you make it there! We would love to have you all join us!

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