Meijer Michigan State Games 2013 – Team Toledo Results

This past weekend the 2013 Michigan State Games were held.  It is an amazing event with an Olympic Feel.  This year there were over 6,500 athletes competing in 34 sports.  Pickleball had 252 participants this year and again Team Toledo was well represented on the medal stand.

Charlie McKnight leading the way in the opening ceremonies.

Charlie McKnight leading the way in the opening ceremonies.

Tim Hacker and Charlie McKnight brought home gold after a knock down drag out battle with a very great team from Florida.  They were knocked into the losers bracket by the team they eventually beat, so they had to not only beat them 2 out of 3 games but also an additional game to 15.  Way to go Tim and Charlie on bringing home the gold in the Men’s Doubles 50+ bracket!!!

Some sad news also came out of this year’s event.  Tom Wells badly injured his ankle while playing in the third round of  the Mixed Doubles 5.0 bracket.   In spite of his injury Tom and Marsha Koch won the bronze medal in the Mixed Doubles 5.o bracket. Wishing Tom a speedy recovery!

Marsha Koch and her partner Jessica LeMire (Grand Rapids, MI) won the gold in the 5.0 Women’s Doubles bracket. They went undefeated in the first three rounds, not losing a game. In the gold medal match, they lost the first game to the very strong and respected team of Yvonne Hackenberg and Martha Wasserman, before winning the next two games and the gold medals. Susan Wiartalla and her partner Merrianne Murphy took the bronze medals after losing to the Hackenberg/Wasserman team in a close three game match in the silver medal match.

Way to go Team Toledo!  If you would like to see more details regarding the scores and brackets from the tournament, please click on this link to the USAPA tournament results

For any of you who are interested in tournament competition, please consider participating in the Royal Oak tournament August 21-23.  This is a very well run tournament with excellent competition.  For more details please follow this link

Toledo Pickleball


5 thoughts on “Meijer Michigan State Games 2013 – Team Toledo Results

  1. Way to go, Toledo!!

  2. Wow 252 pickleball participants from Toledo, that is awesome. It is exciting to see the sport of pickleball growing in Ohio and Michigan.

  3. Hi Anna, the 252 participants were from all over the country. There were only 6 participants from our Toledo Club.

  4. Oh, yes, yes I misread the article!

  5. I wish we would have had 252 from Toledo!!! Someday 🙂

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