Outdoor Play Cancelled Tomorrow – May 12, 2013 Mother’s Day

As you all know, I hate to cancel outdoor play.  However, the temps tomorrow are not going to break 5o degrees and the winds will be sustained at 20 mph by the afternoon.  On top of all of that it is Mother’s Day.

Next week is looking pretty good so far!  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Pickleball playing Mom’s!

Don’t forget, Charter Members have access to the courts anytime. So if you are a Charter Member, or know a Charter Member, feel free to get four people and hit the courts tomorrow if the cool weather doesn’t bother you and you want to get some practice playing in the wind.

See you on the courts!



One thought on “Outdoor Play Cancelled Tomorrow – May 12, 2013 Mother’s Day

  1. Hi everyone, Just looked at the results form the weekend!!! Congrats to Jeff Chantilly/Tom Wells on their gold 4.5-5.0! Also to Tom and Marsha on their gold, both at 4.5-5.0 . To Sue & Bill Hickey on their 3.5 gold win! And to Connie on gold 3.0! To Sandy Kushma on her silver in 4.0-4,5! and again for Marsha on Gold in 4.0-4.5 skill level. Congrats to Dave Kushma too for his first place as best editorial writer in Ohio!!! WAY TO GO TOLEDO!!!

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