Check Out the New Pickleball Inc. Venom Paddle

Al & I will have these available for sale after Mother’s Day!  He will have a demo so you can try one out first!


The NEW VENOM paddle is produced with our latest innovation in core technology – PFG2 Core. This proprietary core was developed to generate solid power and control characteristics while decreasing the noise levels typically associated with high performance tournament paddles. The long handle and smooth radius blends of the VENOM come from one of our most popular wood paddles designed and produced since the late 1960’s. This shape provides players with more of a traditional ‘head heavy’ racquet feel for increased control and the head design puts more mass behind the ball at impact than a typical Pickle-ball® paddle which increases power. The combination of the new PFG2 core and the traditional long handle racquet shape make the VENOM paddle the quietest performance paddle in our line-up.

Paddle Features:
* The quietest performance paddle we’ve ever produced is up to 14 decibels quieter than other paddles
* New proprietary PFG2 Core offers players a quiet, medium weight paddle with great power and control

  • Sleek, long handle shape with gentle radius blends from one of our original wood paddle shapes of the late 60’s
  • Long handle creates a more ‘head heavy racquet feel’ in your hand and more mass behind the ball at impact for increased power
  • Computer generated graphics and UV face coating allow brilliant color graphics, high design detail and protection from the sun with increased durability

Paddle Colors:
* Red
* Blue
* Green
* Orange

Paddle Specs:
* Height: 15 7/8”
* Width: 8 1/8”
* Weight: 8 – 8.5 oz.’s
* Made in USA


VENOM Orange

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