Attention All Rossford Rec Pickleball Players

To all of you who have been participating in play at the Rossford Rec, I wanted to send out this post to inform you of a few requests from the Rec management.

Tuesday & Thursday Play: Ivan spoke with me today and asked that we make sure to break down nets and be off the courts promptly at 3pm.  Football conditioning is starting and it is essential that we are off the courts.

Friday & Sunday Play:  Ivan has asked that we do not allow anyone to enter any of the side doors.  If you are arriving late, please ring the door bell on the side of the building (take note where the kitchen/cafeteria is located–the door bell is on the door leading to the kitchen) go to the front doors and someone from our group will let you in.  If you arrive late and are not a member of the Rec, please come prepared with a $5.00 bill to pay the drop-in fee, it is difficult for us to make change.  Additionally, we cannot open ANY door to try to let cool air in.  I realize the gym runs a bit hot, however propping open any door defeats the purpose of cooling the gym down. The heat is regulated in zones and when you open the door the heat kicks on.  Also, if we have to raise any of the baskets for play on Friday nights, we have to put them back down.  This will help Alexa on Saturday mornings when they are short-staffed.

We are very fortunate to have the Rec working with us.  All other groups that they allow to use the gym have to pay an additional fee, therefore we want to make sure we are complying with their requests.

If anyone has any questions, please email or call me.

See you on the courts!



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3 thoughts on “Attention All Rossford Rec Pickleball Players

  1. Marsha thanks again for all those updates etc.. You do a great job! Bob Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 03:31:58 +0000 To:

  2. I have made a couple of trips over to Tam-O-Shanter on Tuesday and Thursday. I assume there is no play there anymore as no one showed up. Where is the play in Rossford and what days and times? Tnx Rich

  3. Rich
    Play is hit or miss there and you need to call Tom Lindsley before you take the time to drive over there. His number is 419-320-7014.
    Play in Rossford is at the Rec center,
    400 Dixie Hwy, Rossford
    (419) 666-2905
    There is open play there Tues & Thurs 12-3, Friday evenings 6-9pm and Sundays 2-5pm.
    Take care

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