Ottawa Hills High School – Volunteers Needed!

We have been invited back to Ottawa Hills High School by gym teacher Jenny Gill.  She has two freshman classes that she would like our help with.  Jeff & Sandy at Ottawa Hill High School PickleballCharlie McKnight will be leading our group with the opportunity.  If you are interested in helping, he is looking for 5-8 players  to help Wednesday, January 30,  from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.   Check out the pic of Sandy Kushma and Jeff Foster helping out last year.

Jenny has five courts and two classes of approximately 20 freshman in each class.  It will be helpful if we have a volunteer to play on each court helping with the rules, scoring and basic concepts.  Jenny does an awesome job teaching the basics and we can help accelerate the learning by having someone with knowledge on the courts when they are playing.

Charlie’s email is, please email him if you are interested in helping or let him know when you see him at the Rossford Rec.

This is another great opportunity to grow the sport with the younger generation. A big huge THANK YOU to Charlie for stepping up to help!

See you on the court!



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