Help Needed – Introductory Pickleball at Whitmer High School

We still are in need of a few more people to help introduce Pickleball at Whitmer High School this Friday.

If you have not already contacted me regarding this and you are able to help, please call or email me as soon as possible. My cell is 419-509-3023 and my email is

We are going to do all the classes on Friday, November 16 starting with the 8-9 am class, then the 9:30 to 10:30 am class, the 11 to noon class and finish with the 1:15 class.

Where to go: Whitmer is off Alexis Road, pull onto either Whitmer Drive or the access drive, park in the lot between the high school and the football field and go directly to the field house.  No need to check in at the main office. If anyone is asked, we are working with Jamie Clay and he has cleared us as a group.

I hope to hear from a few more people in order to make this a success. Thank you to all that are able to help.


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2 thoughts on “Help Needed – Introductory Pickleball at Whitmer High School

  1. on friday i could help you with all the classes except the last.  please let me know if that works out. denny

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  2. Hi Denny
    That will work fine. See you on Friday for as long as you can stay. Thanks

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