Indoor Play Update – Reserve a Court at Two Locations

Diane Kerin, who manages pickleball at Laurel Hill, reports that attendance there is sparse.  Therefore, she asks that if you want to play there, you create your own foursome and then call Laurel Hill and let them know you are coming during the play times listed on our blog’s calendar.  This procedure may change in January when demand for indoor courts may increase.
We anticipate that attendance at Tamo will also be low because regular play will be starting at the West YMCA next week.  So we recommend that you communicate with other players for play there as well.  In any case, you must notify Tom Lindsley via e-mail if you plan to attend so he can communicate with Tamo management regarding our numbers.
These are both great opportunities to put together a game with players at your skill level and play uninterrupted for the time allowed.  You also might consider finding one other person and playing full or half-court singles, or just hitting for practice.
As always, please contact me if you have any questions. Also, if anyone has any contact with anyone or a facility that might be willing to work with us to provide evening play times, it would be greatly appreciated by those of us who cannot play during the day.  I hope many of you will consider playing tomorrow night at the Rec from 6-9 pm.
See you on the courts!
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2 thoughts on “Indoor Play Update – Reserve a Court at Two Locations

  1. Marsha, Mike and I have joined the Rossford Rec Center although this week we may not be able to play Fri. eve. We look forward to many opportunities to play with old friends.

  2. Sounds great Karen. I look forward to playing with you and Mike sometime soon. Thanks for keeping in touch and see you soon.


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