Toledo Pickleball Indoor/Outdoor Play options

I wanted to send out a quick post to address a few questions that have come up regarding the end of outdoor play.  Indoor options begin next Monday, October 15.  It is my goal to continue outdoor play as long as the weather allows. This is especially important for me and others in the group that work and cannot play during the daytime. On the few days that overlap occurs in the indoor/outdoor schedule, you have the option to play one or both.  The biggest overlap is on Sundays–if weather permits I propose we continue to play outdoors.  If we cancel outdoors, we have a backup and can go indoors.  The weather might only cooperate for a few more weeks, so this will be a non-issue soon. I will be sending out updated posts if the weather is “iffy”. I hope this helps clarify the situation. Please feel free to email me at if you have any other questions or concerns.

See you on the courts!


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