Toledo Pickleball Media Coverage Post-Court Conversion

In the approximately five weeks since our Rossford court dedication, we have received much media attention.  Apparently our story was interesting to more than just us!  Thanks to all who attempted to contact media representatives to share our story.  Once again, when we pool our resources and work together as a group, much is accomplished.
Following are a list of links to the coverage in case you missed some of it.

WTOL Channel 11 –

ABC Channel 13 –

Rossford Record – (page 2)

Toledo Blade –

Proclamation from the City of Rossford – Rossford City Council Proclamation – Rossford Pickleball Complex 2012

Thanks to Tim Hacker for a couple of great shots of the courts with his wide-angle camera!

It’s been an exciting month for Toledo Pickleball:  some great new players have joined our group, we’ve worked with more than 60 kids for their summer PE credits, and we’ve enjoyed playing on our new courts and in some tournaments.  AND the weather looks good for p-ball this week–see you on the courts!


3 thoughts on “Toledo Pickleball Media Coverage Post-Court Conversion

  1. Marsha, Thanks for all your efforts in posting all these sites for us. Connie

  2. Do you have classes to teach the sport to adults? I used to play tennis, but not so agile now.

  3. Thank you Marsha for posting this! A great introduction to the sport to learn my Belgian friends about my new sport 🙂

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