Volunteers Needed – Summer PE Classes tomorrow at 10am Rossford Pickleball Complex

Tomorrow is round two with the Summer Physical Education classes. We need volunteers to help Connie at 10 am tomorrow, June 15th at the Rossford courts.  There will be 60 high school students attending the session. These are kids from all the local high schools that have chosen to take their PE requirement during the summer so they were able to fit more academic classes into their regular school session.

This is an excellent opportunity to help grow pickleball with the younger generation and we are so glad to be hosting this type of community activity on our courts.  If you are available tomorrow, please consider helping Connie out and email her at bucksrgr8r@aol.com to let her know you can help.  A big thanks to Connie for leading and setting this up. I hope many of you can adjust your schedules to give her a helping hand.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help!


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