Toledo Pickleball – Monthly and Annual Membership Opportunity

Hi Everyone,

June 2012 is going to go down in Toledo Pickleball history with the emergence of our new six-court Pickleball complex! I know I am completely biased but it looks so incredible.  Al Hager and Tom Wells did a knockout job and while most of the media didn’t recognize it, we know that our Charter Members and the amazing work ethic of Al & Tom are the reason we have such a wonderful new place to play!  Thanks again to the Charter Members, as well as Al & Tom!

Prior to now, there have really only been two opportunities regarding the fees for playing at our new facility. You either chose to become a Charter Member or you decided you would rather just pay the drop in fee of $5.00.  We closed the Charter Memberships when we reached our goal of $13,000 to complete the courts.  The only option at this point is to pay a drop in fee.  We would like to rollout a couple of new membership options at this time.

There will now be a Monthly Membership Fee option of $50.00 per person or you can also choose an Annual Membership for $150 per person.  The Monthly Membership will be renewable at the last day of each month.  Annual Membership will be renewed at the beginning of each season.  Youth under the age of 18 play for free, no membership required.

We hope that this will be more convenient for our players and a bit more cost-effective as well.

Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions regarding the Monthly or Annual Memberships. If you are interested in paying for the Monthly or Annual Membership Fee, please bring a check or cash with you the next time you are at the courts and Connie or I will take care of getting you signed up.

See you on the courts!




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