Hartland MI Tournament Results – Sandy Kushma Reporting

It was hot and the sun was brutal.  How brutal was it?  One bald guy lacking a cap was carried out on a stretcher.  (Rim shot.)  Just kidding, but taking care in those conditions is no joke.
We all had fun, fun, fun–despite the long wait some of us had to endure and the challenging heat, sun, and bit of wind that kicked up during afternoon play.  The Hartland volunteers worked very hard to pull off their first outdoor tournament on their less-than-one-year-old courts that are smoother than a Tom Wells backhand volley right down the center of the court.  (And we all know there’s not much smoother than that.)  Play-wise, it was the usual–everybody had moments of pickleball genius and moments of deep distress when you’re out there wondering how you can possibly be making the kind of errors that you inevitably do.  That’s the game.  Sometimes as aggravating as a Tom Wells backhand volley right down the center of the court.  Am I obsessing?  Sorry.
Joan Fisher and Jim Slater earned a Silver in the 3.0 bracket.
Tim Hacker and I took a Bronze in the 4.0 bracket.  We did default and it’s a long, dull story involving Hacker’s shortcomings as a husband–please see him if you’re interested in details.  Please see Mrs. Hacker if you’re interested in the real story–she’s lovely, by the way, and he’s a lucky guy.
Marsha Koch and Jeff Chantiny won a Silver in the 4.0 bracket.  This was Jeff Chantiny’s first tournament and he overcame the kind of nightmare p-ball situation described above in one of his early matches to prevail in the matches that followed.  It should be noted that Jeff and Marsha were the only team to actually take a match from the team that took Gold.  Unfortunately, they needed to beat them twice–due to the double elimination format–to claim first-place.
First-place winners Merriann Murphy and Dan Seaman, who were unknown to us all, were the surprise of the day and obviously provided excellent competition.  And I’d like to make a bitter crack about them, but they were too darn nice.

5 thoughts on “Hartland MI Tournament Results – Sandy Kushma Reporting

  1. Nothing is smoother than any shot Tom Wells hits. Needless to say, we all obsess with Tom.
    I congratulate the Hartland group for the tournament and the outdoor facilities. Jeff Foster and I enjoyed playing in the tournament, unforturnately, we lost to Joan and Jim in the semis and cheered them and for Sandy, Tim, Jeff, Marsha and Suzie. Thanks to Jim Rose for driving up and supporting all of us and thanks for the fine
    recap, Sandy.

  2. Congrats to all the winners!!! Fantastic showing.Toledo Pickleball should be proud.
    Sandie, think your hubby Dave should hire you. Loved your humor and writing. What a program that Marsha, Connie, Sandie, Jeff F., Tom W. etc. have worked so hard to develop and at such good level of play! Kudo’s
    JoAnne (Mike too)

  3. Sandy,
    I just saw your blog here today. It was a tough match we had in April at the Hartland Mix & Match tournament. I look forward to playing you and your partner again soon. Blessings in your day.
    Dan Seaman

  4. Hi Dan
    Thanks for the message. I forwarded your message on to Sandy. She doesn’t administrate the blog, she just wrote this particular article. I also played you in the silver/gold match, you and your partner were a great team. I would love to have the chance to play you two again. Please consider driving down to our new courts in Toledo!! We really have some great players and we love to have new folks join us!

    Take care

  5. Marsha,
    Let us know when you are going to have a tournament or maybe an organized weekend play and we will see if we can get our schedules worked out. As of now, we are playing in the Royal Oak, Michigan skill level tournament at the end of August. Would love to see you and your fellow Toledoans (sp?) there. See you soon.

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