Eastwood High School, Pemberville OH – Students vs. Toledo Pickleball

Pickleball Challenge?  Sure!!!  That’s what I said when Jerry Rutherford, PE Teacher and Head Football Coach at Eastwood High in Pemberville, contacted me after viewing a video on the USAPA site called Seniors vs. Students.  Here is the link in case you didn’t catch it http://www.wzzm13.com/sports/article/196687/128/Seniors-vs-students-in-pickleball-battle .  Before calling me, Jerry got in touch with Jimmy O’Hearn, who is interviewed in the video, and asked Jimmy if his group would drive to Pemberville and challenge his kids.  Jimmy’s group considered it, but decided the drive was just too far.  So, Jimmy encouraged Jerry to look for players closer to Pemberville.  While looking on google Jerry not only found my blog but he also saw the video from our event in Rossford at the Rec Center. Then he issued a challenge.  He said, my kids think they’re good, maybe you could come down and disabuse them of that notion with your mad pickleball skills.  O.K., he didn’t say that exactly.  He said, please come down and challenge my kids and please be sure that JoAnne comes, they really liked her on the tape and want to meet her.  So I begged JoAnne and a few others of our crew to make the 35-minute drive early in the morning (guess who complained a lot about that, right, Kushma–don’t ever ask her to do anything in the a.m., it’s just not worth it) to face down the young people.
Anyway, the kids are in the learning phase and have crummy paddles, so as expected it was more of a teaching experience than anything else.  But it’s always nice to see the range of generations involved in a sport together and they claimed to be impressed by our play. After they played us, some were watching four of our players play a fast-paced game with long rallies of rapid-fire volleying at the net and were heard to say–geez, they really took it easy on us, they could have killed us.
A good time was had by all.  Thanks to all who participated.  If you would like to be a part of this kind of activity in the future, just drop me an e-mail and I’ll add you to the list.
Anybody catch the nice photo of Rossford Pickleball in the Blade on Tuesday?   It was just a little mention in the section that lists activities in that area. Here is the link in case you missed it http://www.toledoblade.com/local/2012/04/11/Pickleball-anyone.html
See you on the court!  Keep an eye out for a post regarding the Rossford “Open Court” Meeting this Sunday, I will be sending out an update in the next couple of days.  Looks like the weather might not cooperate.

4 thoughts on “Eastwood High School, Pemberville OH – Students vs. Toledo Pickleball

  1. Thanks Marsha, appreciate you organizing the day with the students. It was a really fun day, Loved your humor and adding the video’s etc.

  2. Marsha, great email, I sent this off to the kids and grandkids, hope to get them started…. Rick

  3. Thanks Rick! Great idea to send this off to your kids and grandkids. One of my goals is to get the younger generations involved and when we get the Rossford Courts converted into 6 dedicated Pickleball courts we will have the space to do this. Pickleball is a great sport for ALL ages! I will let you know if Jerry invites us back down to Eastwood in the fall. Thanks again. Marsha

  4. Hi, I check your blog regularly. Your writing style is witty,
    keep doing what you’re doing!

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