Toledo Pickleball “Around Town”

Hi Everyone,

It has been an exciting and busy time with Pickleball in the Toledo area.  Following is a recap of our recent activities:

Toledo Pickleball was invited to come and teach a “Tween Session” at the West Toledo YMCA.  These kids are “at risk for obesity” and are not plugged into a specific sport. They meet once a week to get exercise in a group experience.  The Director, Suzi Perlacky, came to the West YMCA and saw our group playing and thought Pickleball would be a great sport for these kids. We hope to grow and continue helping with these at risk kids.  A huge thank you to Don Greenburg and Sandy Kushma for helping out with this project.

Another community effort last week was the opportunity to go and play Pickleball with Ottawa Hills High School junior and senior high grade gym classes.  The gym teacher at Ottawa Hills High, Jenny Gill, started attending the Ft. Meigs YMCA Whitehouse Session a few weeks ago. After she learned how the game is really played and was able to experience it, she realized that her kids would benefit as well.  So eight of us went last Friday to provide a brief overview of the game and mix in with the kids to play games.  Jenny had already done a great job teaching them the basics and we supplemented that with lessons in strategy and teamwork.  It was great to see different generations enjoying Pickleball together.  It was really a great time to see everyone enjoying Pickleball from all generations.  A very big thank you goes out to Connie Mierzejewski, Vicki McGrath, Judy Lambert, Chris K, Sandy Kushma, Tom Lindsley and Jeff Foster. Thank you to all of you for your continued help and support of growing Pickleball in the greater Toledo area.

Also, last week, thanks to the Wood County Committee on Aging Joe Rychnovsky brought his crew to The Rossford Rec to do a story on Pickleball and take the Fox Challenge.  Joe really did a nice job of covering the story but my real excitement was listening to our players express their passion and love for the game.  Here is a link to the story for our out of town friends and those who might have missed the broadcast last evening.   Here is the link It is my hope Fox Toledo  will also post online the longer segment from Sunday evening.  I will send the link if they do.

Coming up this week, Kay Peterson has worked with Laurel Hill Tennis and Swim Club on an open house to introduce their tennis players to Pickleball.    This will be a very exciting opportunity with many of their tennis players interested in learning to play Pickleball.  If anyone is interested in participating in this teaching session, please come to the Laurel Hill Tennis Club, 2222 Cass Road, Toledo, OH 43624, from 1-3 p.m. on Friday, January 20th. Please call if you need more information or help with directions.

Again, thank you to everyone for supporting the sessions at the West YMCA, Whitehouse, Rossford Rec and all of the “around town” opportunities.

See you on the court!


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