Toledo Pickleball on Fox Toledo News

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to send out a quick post to let everyone know to watch Fox Toledo Sports tonight at 6:30pm and Sunday night at 10:30pm.

Joe Rychnovsky, sports anchor and host of the Rychnovsky Recap, traveled today to the Rossford Recreation Center to do a story on Pickleball.  It was a really fun time and big thank you to everyone that drove to Rossford to be a part of the fun.  Also, a very big thank you to the Wood County Committee on Aging, who was responsible for setting up the opportunity.   The 6:30pm segment will be a shorter segment of the full Sunday segment.  I hope you will all set a reminder to watch it.  

I will send out a link to the coverage if possible for those who might not be able to watch it!

See you on the courts!


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