Help Promote Pickleball in the Local Toledo and Surrounding Area

Hi Everyone,

I trust that everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving break with family and friends.

I was thinking over the holiday, and the thought came to me that we have had some success this year in finding local indoor and more outdoor places to play Pickleball.  We are also pursuing a grant in conjunction with Bowling Green State University and the Wood County Committe on Aging that we hope will allow us to convert the two outdoor tennis courts in Rossford to 6 dedicated Pickleball Courts! I get excited even thinking about it!! With more places to play and the potential of even more courts to come, the next step is getting new players, which is the purpose of my post. 

Our West Y Fall II Session was very successful as we maxed out both morning and afternoon play times.  Our Perrysburg Y session, being held at Hope Church in Whitehouse, also saw success with the Tuesday evening class being maxed out.  We have also seen some recent growth in Rossford at the Rec in partnership with the Wood County Committee on Aging. January and February will be exciting as well, with the drop in times at Tam-O-Shanter!

I wanted to send out a post to all my blog subscribers and everyone on Connie’s email list to ask you to consider posting this flyer in some of your local churches, places of employment and other local places that you might be aware of.  Although the flyer is helpful, please remember that the best way to grow our numbers is by word of mouth and the personal invite of friends, family, co-workers etc.  

I always love to hear the stories of our players and how they found out about Pickleball.  One of my favorites is Louie’s story.  For those of you who don’t know Louie’s story, here are the cliff notes.  At the time, Louie was working in the deli at the Sylvania Anderson’s market and Karen Warren came in to buy groceries. She started a conversation with Louie and he noticed that she looked like she had just finished working out, so he asked her what she had been doing. She told him she just got done “playing Pickleball”.  Louie had never heard of the game, so she shared a brief overview with him and invited him to come and check it out at Tam-O. As some of you know, Louie decided to come and check it out  and we are all glad he did. Louie is a great player and we miss him now that he is working a new job and was not able to sign up for any of the indoor sessions. Louie, if you are reading this, we hope you will be able to join us at the Winter I Sunday Sessions at the West Y coming up in January!

The other way to help grow this sport is through free introductory lessons and clinics. It is my hope to provide this opportunity in the summer at the Rossford Courts.

Please join Connie and me, in growing the excitement about this great sport! Please consider hanging this flyer anywhere you think would be beneficial and also PLEASE consider extending a personal invite to the folks you come in contact with, I would love to hear the stories that will be the result of your efforts! 

Here is a link to the flyer Pickleball Rocks Flyer

Thanks to everyone in advance!



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