Pickleball Rules Refresher: Line Calls

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to send out a quick post just as a refresher for some and possibly brand new information for others who have recenlty joined us. 

Pickleball like most racquet sports relies on the integrity of the players in calling shots in or out. The rule of etiquette suggests that players will call the lines as honestly and fairly as they can. Players should call the lines (including the kitchen line) on their side of the net and opponents will do the same on their side. Opponents should never make a call on the other side of the net unless they are asked. If a team cannot decide on a line call, then the benefit always goes to the opponent. If a team asks for an opinion from an opponent, that decision is final. Again, fairness is the rule of the day. Remember it is only a game. Keeping this in mind will hopefully prevent conflict on the court.

Call it Pickleball Etiquette. Call it Good Sports Conduct.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you on the court!


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