Spreadsheet for all Fall Play Opportunities

Hi Everyone,

As I have been chatting with folks during the different play times, I am realizing that there is a good amount of confusion surrounding all of the opportunities for play times during the fall/winter season.  I put together a spreadsheet and I hope everyone finds it helpful.  Please click this link to view the spreadsheet Pickleball Play Times Fall 2011

One of the big changes from my original post has to do with the Rossford Rec opportunity.  They are now allowing drop in play. You now only have to pay for the $30 Annual fee to the Wood County Committee On Aging and then a $3 drop in fee for Seniors (anyone over 55) or $5  if you are younger than 55. This is a great opportunity! I hope more of you will take advantage of it.

It sure is nice to have so many opportunities to play!  We are working on some Tam-O times for January and I hope to be sending out a post with those times soon.

As always, please email or call with any questions.


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