Pickleball Play This Weekend at the Sylvania JCC

Hello All,

I wanted to send out a quick post to let you all know that we have two opportunities to play Pickleball at the Sylvania JCC this weekend!  Saturday 1pm-4pm and Sunday 3pm-6pm. 

For all of you who paid for the 8 week winter session, Sunday will be the make-up day for the cancellation on Easter Sunday. So if you paid for the 8 week session, please come and join us on Sunday.  There will be some who cannot make it and that will open some spots for others to join. I will not be able to play Sunday so I know that is one open spot open. 

As far as Saturday, right now it looks as if that will be a free opportunity. I have not heard back if they are going to charge for this time or not but right now it appears that it will be no cost.  I will update you if I find out differently.

I hope to see many of you at the Saturday and Sunday play times.  I am working on getting play times at the JCC throughout the summer for those who might not want to play outside or drive to other locations.  I will post those opportunities as soon as I have more information.

Take care and let’s hope this weather turns around SOON!


One thought on “Pickleball Play This Weekend at the Sylvania JCC

  1. I paid and won’t be there this weekend so someone can use my spot.

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