Drop In Pickleball at the YMCA/JCC this Friday

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to send out a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came out the the YMCA/JCC on Sylvania Ave. last Friday from 9-12.  We had a great turnout and the Director at the Y was very impressed! 

I had feedback from some of you and I know that the very close courts were not ideal and that basketball hoop was in the way.  I spoke with the Director, Kent, about this and unfortunately the basketball nets cannot be moved because the mechanism that raises them is broken and they haven’t been moved for over 15 years.  With the great turnout that we had, they are willing to allow us to tape off 3 courts for the upcoming sessions that will start at the end of the month. When we tape off the 3 courts we will move the end courts farther from the wall which will keep the basketball nets from being a hindrance. I will be sending out a post very soon with all of the information regarding the upcoming sessions.

So, again thank you to everyone who supported the drop in times to help show the YMCA that Pickleball is a great sport with alot of folks desiring to play.  If you are able to come out again this Friday that would be great.  If you missed it last week, please come out this Friday morning 9-12 at the YMCA/JCC on Sylvania Ave. 

Please email me if you have any questions at toledopickleball@yahoo.com

Take care


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