Pickleball Opportunity in Bowling Green for Beginner’s

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to send out a great opportunity for any of you who might consider yourself a beginner Pickleball player or for those of you who know someone who might be interested in learning.

The Wood County Committee on Aging is putting on an 8 week session for folks who are interested in learning Pickleball.  This 8 week sesssion is going to be perfect for anyone who might just be learning or if you have a friend that you have been wanting to invite.  They have purchased a net and wooden paddles and it is open to anyone interested.

Here are the details:

Dates: Wednesday’s – January 19, 26, February 2,9,23, March 2, 9, 16

Time:  11am- 12 pm

Where: Veteran’s Building City Park, 417 City Park Drive, Conneaut & Fairview, Bowling Green, OH

Cost: $20 for 8 weeks

Contact Info: WCCOA at 419-353-5661 or 1-800-367-4935

Sponsored by: Wood County Committee on Aging and Bowling reen Parks and Recreation.

Please pass the word on! We want this to be successful to help raise the noise about Pickleball in Toledo and the surrounding area.  If this session goes well, they will be able to pursue other avenues to get more court times scheduled.

Thank you again to all who went down last week to help set up the court and to help the instructors learn a little more about the game.


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One thought on “Pickleball Opportunity in Bowling Green for Beginner’s

  1. is this game at Tamo open to all ages or just Sr. ?

    Are beginners welcome?
    Do you play singles or just pairs?

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