Morning Pickleball Play Time at Tam-O-Shanter!

Hello All,

I am sure everyone is anxious to get back on the pickleball courts after an extended break and way too many cookies! 

I spoke with Kyle this morning and we will be back to a normal schedule for morning play time Monday January 10, Wednesday January 12 and Thursday January 13, 9am-12noon each day.  He asked that I only send the post out for this coming week only. He would like to meet with me sometime this week to discuss a future schedule that includes morning times as well as some weekend/evening times.  As soon as I know more I will send out a post so that everyone is in the loop.

Enjoy your time back on the courts and I look forward to sending out some more times in the near future.


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One thought on “Morning Pickleball Play Time at Tam-O-Shanter!

  1. Is this game really at Tamoshaner, I went in Jan and they said no pickle ball was schedule, this was Sat. the week beginning Jan. 18th.
    please let me know I would like to see the game played and possible try it before i purchase any equipment.


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