Photography Anyone?

Hello All,

As some of you might or might not know, Tim Hacker is not only an aspiring Pickleball player, he is also becoming a well-known and popular local photographer. Tim, recently had several of his shots win awards at the National Center For Nature Photography. He won both a people’s choice and first place for his cheetah shot. He also received a second place in the category of people in nature and 5 other honorable mentions.

“The National Center For Nature Photography is the only one of it’s kind – a national center celebrating the wonders of nature and those who treasure it through photography. The center is located within the 600-acre Secor Metropark, part of the rare and beautiful Oak Openings Region.”

“The goal of the National Center for Nature Photography is to inspire reverence for natural fauna, flora and their habitats through photography, and to promote a greater understanding and support for preservation of the natural world.”

Location: Secor Metropark on Central Avenue (US20), 6 miles west of US23 / I-475.

Hours: Noon to 5 p.m. every Saturday, Sunday.

(Closed the weekend between Christmas and New Year’s Day)

For More Information, please call 419-407-9757

If you have a talent outside of Pickleball that you would like me to share with the group, please email me at I think it is fun to learn about one another and help support each other on and off the pickleball court!

Congratulations Tim!

5 thoughts on “Photography Anyone?

  1. Thanks Marsha. Congratulations on your 2 silver medals at the Auburn Hills pickleball tournament last weekend!!

  2. Congratulations Tim! It’s a wonderful photograph. It’s always interesting to see what people do off the courts. 🙂

  3. CONGRATS, TIM, your photography truly is beautiful and amazing; I’ve looked at your “albums” online and — as one who appreciates great photos and works with pictures — I’m in awe.
    — Mike Tressler

  4. Hey Tim, Fantastic picture and congratulations on your awards. What a super hobby with so much professionalism. Congrats on a successful Auburn Hills tournament. You represented Toledo well!

  5. Thanks, I had an excellent partner!

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