Correction on Kalamazoo Results

Apologies to JoAnne regarding my mistake in reviewing the Kalamazoo Doubles Tournament results.  I mistakenly read the Mixed Doubles results and reported that JoAnne and her partner Dick took the GOLD, this was incorrect and they did not take first place. Please see JoAnne’s comments on the original post if you want the details. For future tournament results, I will wait for the final results to be posted and will not try to interpret all of the brackets. Apologies to all and congrats again to everyone that competed!

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One thought on “Correction on Kalamazoo Results

  1. Thanks Marsha, No problem. Appreciate so much you wanting to support pickleball here in Toledo and appreciate the time you devoted to report the news and even have a blog for alll of us to benefit from.
    Thanks again, JoAnne

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