Congratulations to our local Players Joan Fisher, JoAnne Tressler & Jim Slater

The results are in from Thursday play at the Kalamazoo Doubles Tournament and as expected our local players showed up for some fierce competition.

Congratulations to Joan Fisher and her sister Jane Kuta for taking GOLD in the Women’s 65+ Doubles!!! Way to go Joan!

Congratulations to JoAnne Tressler and her partner Bonnie Otis for taking SILVER in the Women’s 65+ Doubles!!  JoAnne and Dick Manasseri took GOLD in the Mixed 65+ Doubles!!!!!  Way to go JoAnne!

Congratulations to Jim Slater and his partner Roger Meekhof as they took 6th place in the Men’s 65+ Doubles.

I will update everyone on Jeff Foster’s results, as he plays in today’s round in the Men’s 50+ Doubles group.

Please let me know if you played in any other matching that I have missed.

Way to go Toledo Pickleball Players.  Great Job to everyone for participating and being a part of the great game of Pickleball!

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One thought on “Congratulations to our local Players Joan Fisher, JoAnne Tressler & Jim Slater

  1. Correction: I emailed Connie and Marsha the NIGHT of the tournament in KALAMAZOO, I gave them the medal results from our Toledo group. Which was Joan and Jane’s Gold and Bonnie and my silver and never reported a gold medal in mixed doubles. JoAnne and Dick did not receive a medal. We missed bronze by one point. At one point after the rounds were finished we thought we had the bronze since we beat the team that ended up to get the bronze twice Once in 1st round 11-4 and then again in 2nd round 11-5. We won all our matches (5 or 6 ?) till the last two matches we played which we lost to the team that won the gold and one match to the silver team. Very shortly we realized because of total points that we missed the bronze by 1 point.
    I don’t know who reported in error the result you posted. Please pass on this notice as written. (except the last 2 sentences- Thanks !!)
    It is embarrassing. JoAnne

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