A Note from JoAnne & Mike Tressler

JoAnne has asked me to please post this message. I believe some of you had received this, but she also has found that some did not.  Message from JoAnne and Mike………………….

Hello everyone,

Mike and I are back and are looking forward to seeing everyone. (I did catch a few last week and was able to say good bye to Al & Barb.)
I wanted all to know how excited we are that Connie and Marsha have taken the reins and are going at galloping speed. Mike and I appreciate so much, the both of them to take on the Ambassador positions that we had asked for, for quite awhile..
Mike and I were happy to plant the seeds here in Toledo and the grass roots seemed to take awhile but we had it rolling in June with positive results. Now Marsha and Connie are watering and fertilizing the growth and doing a completely fantastic job in spite of the downside of not returning to Tam-O Shanter as yet. The Rossford site was a Godsend thanks to Connie. Marsha has related so many ideas that Toledo is going to be on its way!  
Thank you so much Marsha and Connie from Mike and I. We will be a help when we can but really appreciate not having to worry about it. You both have new energy, ideas, computer skills etc. which will help to expand the times and places to play.
Hope all are having a wonderful labor day weekend.
As Always,
JoAnne Tressler
We apologize if some of you have received this twice. ( And I have seen so many of you since. but not all received it.)

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